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kim_biopicI am Kimberly Gardner a candidate for Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis.  As a fourth generation and life-long resident of the City of St. Louis, I share many of your concerns regarding the high levels violent crime in our city.  Relatively recent events have forever changed public expectations for fairness and openness in how we seek and deliver justice.   As a result, the role of the chief prosecutor has evolved beyond the minimal qualifications of a mere trial attorney. The new reality is that the position demands a broad set skills and abilities.

Crime threatens the tremendous promise of the city that I love.   Growing up in North St. Louis, I witnessed first-hand the effects of crime on a community.  My family’s 70-year North St. Louis funeral home business exposed me to the devastation that violent crime delivers to too many of our city’s families.    My experience as an Assistant Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis has allowed me to gained insight into the complexities that hinder us from creating safer communities. My background as a licensed nurse has exposed me to many on the health related causes and consequences of persistent crime in our neighborhoods. Through my service as a State Representative for resident’s of the 77th District, I have gained a deeper understanding of the required legislative skill and political awareness necessary to change are laws that we seek to enforce.

My deep concern of the effects of crime and its underlying causes has motivated me to become a public servant and seek public office. Minimal qualifications from trial attorneys are not enough to serve in the position of Circuit Attorney; the role now demands a broad set Skills and abilities.

My life and professional background provides me an opportunity to uniquely serve the people of St. Louis as your next Circuit attorney. Let’s work together to make our city a safer and better place.

Current Missouri State Representative, 77th District | Former Assistant Circuit Attorney- St. Louis City | 13-Years as an Practicing Attorney |Saint Louis University – School of Law, Juris Doctor | Harris Stowe State University, Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Administration | Saint Louis University, MSN of Nursing | Licensed Funeral Director| Lifetime St. Louis City Resident |Mother, Wife and Neighbor.

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